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The following artists currently have works on display at THE LOFT GALLERY. These images are representative examples of their works. Availability of these works is as current as humanly possible...they do go fast!!

Rick Reda has been a photographer for over forty years.  Specializing in landscapes and wildlife, he has traveled from Alaska to Antarctica to Africa.  He started with a makeshift darkroom set up in the bathroom of a two-bedroom apartment in Detroit, developing and producing color prints.  Within a few short years, his photographs were on display in the Trimpe Gallery in Detroit.  Over the years he has transitioned from film photography to digital photography.  He is currently has work displayed in The Loft Gallery, in Occoquan, VA, Arches Gallery at the Workhouse in Lorton, VA, as well as in several private collections across the United States and in Europe.  To see more, you can visit his website at rickredaphotos.com.

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Rick Reda - Photography
'Rialto Beach, Olympic'

Rick Reda - Photography

Rick Reda - Photography
'Saint Anne's Bay, Nova Scotia

Rick Reda - Photography
'Quiet Man Bridge'

Rick Reda - Photography
'Portland Head'

Rick Reda - Photography
'Smoky Mountains Panorama'

Rick Reda - Photography
'Whales in Alaska'

Rick Reda - Photography
'Sunset at La Spezia 4'

Rick Reda - Photography
'Tenby Fishermen'

Rick Reda - Photography
'Winter in Yellowstone'

Rick Reda - Photography

Rick Reda - Photography

Rick Reda - Photography
'Napping Leopard'

'Horse of a Different Color'

Rick Reda - Photography
'Sunset on the Grand Canal'

Rick Reda - Photography
'Lion in the Serengeti'

Rick Reda - Photography
'Trees in Mist'


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