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The following artists currently have works on display at THE LOFT GALLERY. These images are representative examples of their works. Availability of these works is as current as humanly possible...they do go fast!!

http://rivetingnotes.com/Deborah Herndon - “Riveting Images” are original photographs taken across Europe and the U.S.A. of architectural details and artifacts.  Images “freeze frame” these details to reflect the culture of the hands that created them.  The metallic print process I use saturates color slightly and adds a third dimension to draw in the viewer.  Metallic archival prints in limited ambient sunlight can endure 100 years or longer  without fading. All of my prints are limited edition (29), titled, numbered and signed.  All of my work is copyrighted and trademarked to protect the purchaser and the integrity of the artwork.

My interest in architectural details and cultural artifacts stems from my educational background in Anthropology and Sociology (B.A. degree, magna cum laude), urban planning career (Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning, Virginia Tech) and my legal career (J.D., Saint Louis University School of Law) resolving economic disputes between people, natural resources and mining industries.  Understanding cultural values and economic stakes revealed in the process is key to resolving conflicts.

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Chefs at Work, Lyon

Vineyard Cottage, Burgundy

Deborah Herndon
Inside Out Clock, Paris

Dressmaker, Chalon
Deborah Herndon
Blue Truck, 1949
Deborah Herndon
Christ Church, 1756
Deborah Herndon
Boat Prow, Pont-Aven
Deborah Herndon
Orange Brasserie, Paris
Deborah Herndon
Peacock Window, St. Remy
Deborah Herndon
Tripod & Mid-Mod

Blue Currents, Brittany
Deborah Herndon
Biscuiterie, Aix-de-Provence

Red Door, St. Augustine
Deborah Herndon
White Handrail, Collioure
Deborah Herndon
Cat/Blue Shutters, Corsica

Rusty Cross, Cornelia
Deborah Herndon
Tree Looking Up, Corsica

Blue Secret Garden, Brittany
Deborah Herndon
Old Boat, Annecy
Deborah Herndon
Hotels on Canal, Annecy
Deborah Herndon
Three Sails, Collioure
Deborah Herndon
Delivery Bike, Avignon
Deborah Herndon
Habitat 1967, Montreal

Town Bandstand, Troyes

Current Status

Prints and cards are sold in independent boutiques and galleries in ten states and Washington, D.C. area.

Juried organizations:

Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville, KY
Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen
Kentucky Artisan Center, Berea, KY
Allied Artists of West Virginia
West Virginia Guild of Arts and Crafts
Tamarack Artisan Center
Beckley (WV) Art Group
Alleghany Highlands Arts & Crafts Center (Clifton Forge, VA)
The Loft Gallery, Occoquan, VA
Fredericksburg Center for Creative Arts, Fredericksburg, VA


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