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The following artists currently have works on display at THE LOFT GALLERY. These images are representative examples of their works. Availability of these works is as current as humanly possible...they do go fast!!

Janet FlinkingerJanet Flickinger - Flickinger Design Studio

While attending collage Janet worked as an architectural model builder. It is at this time that she fell in love with the symmetry of architecture. In 1982 Janet graduated from the Art Institute of Houston with honors. She subsequently continued for the next ten years in graphic design and illustration. In 1993 she founded Flickinger Design Studio.

It was at this time that Janet's passion for drawing and painting people really began to flourish. Her style can be characterized as (social or photo realism) with a high technical and detailed structure. Her style goes beyond what the naked eye can ordinarily comprehend and combines the fluidness of the human figure with the structure of architecture. Her passion now is to capture the essence of everyday life as it exists.

Janet loves the emphasis on common life as it occurs with the detail of architecture. Janet tries to capture the interaction of people as they conduct there every day pursuits of life. As one examines her work they will begin to observe life through the perspective of their eyes. Janet is more drawn to recording history rather than creating decorative art.

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Piece by Piece
'Piece by Piece'

'A Lost Art'

'Occoquan Street'

Dinner in Old Town Alexandria
'Dinner in Old Town Alexandria'

'A Street in Pittsburgh'


Work of Wonder
'Works of Wonder'

'Coffee House'

Evening in Old Town Alexandria
'Evening in Old Town Alexandria'

'Daily Bread'


'Little Italy'

'Occoquan Bridge'

'Two Girls Texting'

'Boy and His Cat'

'The Intern'

'Boys at the Game'

'Winning Season'

'Coffee with Beethoven'



'Fatherly Advice' - SOLD

'Baptist Parsonage' - SOLD

'Rockledge Mansion'


'Rockledge Mansion Steps'

'Morning Reading' - SOLD

'Loft Gallery'


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