December 2019 – Artist of the Month – Lydia Jechorek

Lydia Jechorek - Places to Go

Title:  “Behind the Scenes”  Original Paintings by Lydia Jechorek
Dates of Show: Tuesday December 3 – Sunday December 29, 2019
Meet-The-Artist Reception:  Saturday December 7, 2019 from 1-4pm

Lydia Jechorek - Under Currents
Lydia Jechorek – Under Currents

The Loft Gallery invites you to come and enjoy featured Northern Virginia artist Lydia Jechorek’s December 2019 show.

Do you ever wonder about why an artist paints a particular scene?  What catches their eye as they walk down the street? What is it about that old car in the weeds that longs for attention?  If you look over a shoulder, will you be able to tell why that museum painting is fascinating to that patron?  So many thoughts go into a painting and Lydia loves the artist’s view from behind the scenes.

If you’d like more information about the show or an interview, call The Loft Gallery of Occoquan, 703-490-1117 and/or email Lydia directly at

Lydia Jechorek - Places to Go
Lydia Jechorek – Places to Go

Permission granted for reprinting of images.  For further information or an interview call The Loft Gallery 703-490-1117 and/or email Lydia directly at

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  • Exceptional artist and paintings! Wish I could have attended the show.

    Maybe a private showing in the future?

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