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The following artists currently have works on display at THE LOFT GALLERY. These images are representative examples of their works. Availability of these works is as current as humanly possible...they do go fast!!

Linda LarochelleLINDA ROSE LAROCHELLE graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a B.F.A. in Printmaking and has done graduate work at the University of Maryland, VCU and the Art League. While at the Art Institute her focus was on fine line etching. Later she branched out to explore color with pastels and watercolors.

Her interest has shifted again to relief prints as a vehicle for pattern, color and texture in composition. Many of her prints are "unique variations", meaning that they are one of a kind because the ink has been applied by hand in non- identical ways. Thus, each print will be unique, making them similar to mono prints.

A life long art educator she has retired from the Arlington County Virginia Public Schools to devote full time to art. She has had several one woman shows in the Washington area and her work is in private collections in California and on the East Coast. As an art educator she has taught in a variety of settings and grade levels including public and private schools. Linda lives with her husband Richard and has two grown sons.

"I'm pursuing a visual impact and meaning through exploring shape, color, texture and pattern." Linda Rose Larochelle

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Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
Beach Read II
Autumn Mom
Autumn in the Old Neighborhood
Mother Geese and Child
Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
From India with Love
Under the Umbrella
Speak to Us of Children
River Reverie

Linda Larochelle

Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
Not Alone in the World
Inuit Family
Momma and Me by the Sea
Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
Kitten and Mistress
Little Rascal
Night Time
Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
Night by the River
Old Lodge I
Old Lodge II
Providence Town Pier

Easy Does It (20x 24) lino cut
In the Hood
'In the Hood'

Member of the Wedding
'Member of the Wedding'

Ode To The Inuit (20x24) lino cut
Winter Walk - Linda Larochelle
Boy with Dog 2
Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
'Winter Walk'
'Boy with Dog 2'
Delhi Chicago Non Stop  14"x 17"
Women and Sleeping Child  14"x17"
Linda Larochelle
Linda Larochelle
Waiting with Flowers
Mama and Me by the Sea 12"x18"
"A Well Ordered Universe"  18'x18" Hand Painted Bock Print
Star Boy Sleeps
Still Life at Twilight 19x24
Sill Life and Happiness 19 x24
Beach House Still Life 19x24
Lavendar Still Life 19x24
City Mom(9X12)
"Portrait in Time"24" x 24"
"Moment in Time" 18"x24"
Afternoon Nap
Linda Larochelle
Small Girl Big Chair
'Close' 20x28 monotype, ikua ink on paper
'Close Up' 20x28 monotype, ikua ink on paper
Color Over Flow
Babuskkus and Blossoms


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