LISA KATIC – Oils & Acrylic

Lisa Katic – (Oils & Acrylic) – My path to uncovering my inner artist is rooted in this quote. When I allowed myself to be still and quiet, I tapped into a world that was calming, peaceful and spiritual. I became more aware of what truly feeds the soul; emotion, compassion, nature’s energy and the beauty that surrounds us.

As a result of that deep connection, my creative energy grew and made its way out of the shadows.  I literally felt a physical urge to paint — to put something on a canvas in bold strokes with vivid colors and not care about the outcome or the process. My journey into art continues to evolve, is exhilarating, and liberating. I paint for the joy of it and the shear need for creative expression, experimentation and outlet.  I am humbled when someone reacts strongly or positively to one of my paintings.  Thank you for viewing and taking time to explore my work.