DARLENE KAPLAN – Chinese Watercolor

Darlene Kaplan (Chinese Watercolor) Art is “food for the soul”. She is an International/national award winning professional artist and instructor in the oriental brush painting, Lingnan style in the Northern VA area with over 30 years experience.  Kaplan’s oriental brush paintings have been exhibited in China (winning 3 awards in China in 2016 & 2017), Japan, and throughout the US.

Creating a painting on rice paper using ink and Chinese mineral colors is her ultimate pleasure.  The Lingnan style of art is called oriental brush painting which originated in China before moving on to Japan, and Korea. Later this style of art moved across Europe then to USA.

Nature is her inspiration. Whatever is blooming at the moment will be the subject that she paints.  During the fall it will be the beautiful color of autumn leaves. During the winter will be snow on bamboo or pine. Nature always provides. Kaplan’s art may be viewed in person at Soft Brush Studio, Alexandria, VA as well as The Loft Gallery & online presence http://www.healing-power-of-art.org/darlene-kaplan.

For information on oriental brush painting
Classes or her workshop
Email – chineseart@darlenekaplan.com
Web site – www.darlenekaplan.com
Facebook – facebook.com/asianbrushartist

Kaplan is a member of Sumi-e Society of America
Sumi-e Society DC, VA, & MD
ICCPS International Society
Springfield Art Guild