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The following artists currently have works on display at THE LOFT GALLERY. These images are representative examples of their works. Availability of these works is as current as humanly possible...they do go fast!!

Jo Ellen Walker was born in Washington, D.C., and is a Virginia-based artist working primarily in encaustic, neon and clay. Her work is influenced by her background as a civil rights attorney. Jo Ellen is particularly interested in mysticism and the spiritual totems in people's lives that they rely on to navigate their way through life. She is specifically drawn to Greek icons, amulets, and the many monuments of Washington, D.C. These iconic images find there way into her work, and are often layered under beeswax and mixed-media fragments. The fragments are emblematic of the many layers of each person's life; some hidden, and some that we show to the world.

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'String of Pearls'

'Three Angels'

'Blue Trinity'

'Encaustic - Red & White Pearls'

World View3

World View4

'The Peacemakers'

'The Beekeeper'

Blue and Green Pearls

'Three Girlfreinds'

'Encaustic-A New Direction'


'There are Many Roads'

'Two Saints in the Word'


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