CHERYL WILSON – Acrylics & Inks

CHERYL WILSON (Acrylics & Inks) paints intuitively by embracing spontaneity to allow passionate paintings to be born through a transforming layering process of acrylics and inks. Each layer informs the next story of paint. In addition to layers often you will find sand, coffee, glass beads or perhaps even a gum wrapper invoking the question of what story is being revealed. She paints what she feels, how she feels, and each found object in her art continues that story.

Once a corporate entrepreneur trapped inside a suit and wearing heels, the desire to put her feelings, thoughts, and emotions on canvas became too powerful. The life-changing event that turned the corporate pen into a paintbrush was the dark world of Alzheimer’s that struck her mother. She could not wait any longer to paint in the event that world captured her as well. Leaving the boardroom behind, what has emerged is a new language expressed on canvas.

Contact Information
Art Studio:  703-337-7788

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