SUSAN LAWRENCE NORMAN, Gallery Director – Oils

SUSAN LAWRENCE NORMAN – (Oils) paints to portray the beauty she sees in the life around her.  Her early works featured heart-warming relationships: a couple in love, a mother and child, a family at rest.  In recent years she has expanded her subject matter to include musicians, dancers, animals and birds — but always with the goal of capturing those moments that reflect the best of life.

Susan is an Impressionist; her medium is oil. Susan’s art uses light, color and brushwork to convey natural harmony and strives not to be judgmental, moralistic or arrogant. Rather, Susan tries to merge form and color to suggest the beauty of life itself.

A major area of concentration for Susan is commissioned portrait work.  A rate sheet is available on request.

“Her body of work is sublimely romantic without being overly sentimental, each piece making a statement uniquely its own, causing viewers to linger and contemplate the serene, unhurried world she presents.”
— Elan Magazine