Deanna Boling (Pastels) is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America.  Her love for the medium started when she enrolled in her first classes at the Art Institute of Chicago at age 10.  Although she has worked in many media, she prefers pastels for their immediacy, control and portability, with graphite as a close second. Since her primary subject matter is animals, her sketches from life must be quick.  Reference photos and research back up any details she may need for a painting, such as the shape of a paw pad or the color of an eye, but observation from life is key.

Painting wildlife is her passion. Bringing to life the animal beneath the fur or feathers is an energizing experience each time.  Deanna paints in a realistic manner, distilling the essence of the animal and seeking to create an intimate relationship between the viewer and the animal by capturing the feel of the fur, the flutter of a feather, the grace of a gesture or some nuance of behavior.

Still-life paintings and urban landscapes are other areas where Deanna likes to work.  She has even included birds in still-life settings, dubbing them her “not-so-still-lifes”.  The live animal becomes an actor on the stage relating to the surrounding props and narrating the scene.

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